Entry Requirements

Participants are asked to write a short essay on how fast-fiber internet has changed their lives in one of the following ways:

1. Education – Tell us about how having fast-fiber has equipped my child (ren) for remote learning success or how it's helped me go back to school, or boosted my chances of better career success.

2. Career Success and Opportunities – Are you able to finally work from home? Have you started your own business? Tell us about the impact fast-fiber internet access – with its flexibility, efficiency, convenience – has had on your personal and family life, and your professional one.

3. Story – If there is another way your life has been impacted such as through telemedicine, please share.

Essay Length: 300 words

Who’s eligible: Members or subscribers of GoSEMO Fiber who had subscribed to internet service in 2020.

Criteria: Essays will be judged on the impact fast-internet has had on the applicant's life.

Deadline: March 31, 2021; winners will be announced in Summer 2021